Thursday, 30 December 2010

New Year, New You??

So I'm most definitely not one for resoloutions. I don't believe that just because we are starting a New Year we should use that as an excuse to change things about ourself. I set goals for myself daily. This year I'm not going to be making resoloutions but more what I aim to achieve in 2011. If I don't achieve it then not all is lost.

Basically I hate the idea of making resoloutions.

There's no point in making huge life changing resoloutions because if you don't achieve them you will only be disappointed in yourself. Start by making little ones and if you reach your goals then move on to bigger and better things :)

Here are my "non-resoloution" resoloutions;
(prize for how many times I can say resoloutions in one post??)
Get back into dance training, most importantly Ballet.

Get my middle splits back.

Audition for more films.

Believe in my talent.

Enrol in a Make Up Artist course.

Forget about a certain person and upset caused.

Find myself a hunky man ;)

Not take myself or situations too seriously.

Be happy :)

(a nice random picture)
Now these may seem petty to some but as I said, setting huge goals for yourself isn't neccessarily the best thing.
Just remember make your resoloutions realistic! Are you really going to lose 2Stone in 8 weeks??
Don't look into them too much, see them as something fun to acheive.

Will you be making resoloutions for 2011??
Happy New Year everyone :)

Kate x


Anonymous said...

Aww great "non resolution resolutions" :P
I've set myself a few resolutions but they're something I've been kinds working on anyway but just gonna try harder with in the new year haha :P 1. to look after my skin, 2. take care of my hair, & 3. Stop spending so much money!! Hahah :D I might add 'Be happy' to my list though :D xx

Kate said...

haha thanks! Yeah things like that are good to set yourself :)
I think I should add 'not spending so much' too lol! I probably didn't think of it cause I just buy stuff without even thinking now. So bad haha xx

Makeup and Macaroons said...

Great non-resolutions! I also don't make any resolutions coz I don't need the start of a new year as an excuse to do something... although this year I might have to do one about not buying so much make-up!

PS: Happy New Year.

Jay Fletch said...

I love the whole non-resolution thing. I also have been setting goals for myself, so setting a new resolution would be pointless. I want to gain some more self confidence! That has been my goal for a little while. Thank you for the nice comment on my blog too!

xo, Jay