Thursday, 30 December 2010

One Hundred Things.. de Cuatro Semanas!

Butterflies in the Tummy

Crackers & Butter ♥

Tattooed Men ♥

Mud Masks ♥

Christmas Festivities With the Family ♥


Bath Bombs ♥

Blistex Relief Cream ♥


Reorganising ♥ 

Homemade Cupcakes ♥

Hot Chocolates ♥ 

Kate x 


Jay Fletch said...

I also love tattooed men. Is it sad that I am trying to talk my boyfriend into getting a tattoo even though he doesn't want to? hahah I am so pathetic!

xo, Jay

Anonymous said...

I agree with all of these!! xxx

Kate said...

Haha! No Jay, tattooed men are hotttt!!xx

tatuagens said...

Thanks, beautiful tattoos...