Friday, 21 January 2011

NOTD - Desert Haze ♥

Desert Haze - ELF cosmetics

 Sausage fingersssss!
Does anyone else find it extremely hard to picture fingers in a flattering way or is it just mine haha?
Anyway! I adore this colour! I've been wanting a 'Greige' shade for yonks but I just haven't found one that made me want it enough to buy it. In this picture I used 2 coats. It has a lovely consistency and is very smooth to apply.

This was only £1 on the ELF site so it was rude not to buy it!
This sort of shade looks lovely on short nails!

ELF cosmetics can only be purchased online. This polish can be found here. They currently have a sale on a few of the polishes and lots of other items so check them out quick :)
Kate x


Rachel said...

This is a gorgeous colour! I love it, I've been thinking of getting some stuff from there for a while now so I think I'll go and get this varnish now lol can't go wrong for a £1 :P

Andy said...

love it ! i dont have any nail polish from elf, it sucks :(

Daisypops said...

Hi! I already placed an order before I set my eyes on this GORGE colour:(
Oh well :)
I have recently set up my own blog and i would be really grateful if you could follow it to help me get my blog more known :)
Thanks alot
Daisy x

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to take good pics of my hands too haha! You're not the only one! I love this shade though.. I've never tried anything like it! :) xx

Marcy said...

Omg I love this color!!


Makeup and Macaroons said...

I love that colour, I'd definitely wear it! And yep, I also find it difficult to take good pics of my hands where my fingers don't look all pudgy!


Anonymous said...

I treated myself to this as part of my ELF haul last week and was really unsure about the colour when I put it on, but when I looked at it the next morning it looked lush!
Totally right about the consistency and application, bish bash bosh, took me about 5 minutes. Dried super quick too.
My nails are alot shorter than yours and looks fab on us both :D

Adrienne said...

haha my hands always look so daft in my n.o.t.d posts i sometimes looklike i have the diana vickers claw going on haha! Such a nice shade :) x

Charli! said...

I hate trying to get a flattering picture of my hands! I really love that colour though :) xxx

Toni Tralala said...

I have this polish. I like how it looks so clean! <3 It makes your hand look lighter for some reason. Isn't it so pretty?

P.S. I'm currently hosting an international Apothica giveaway. Join if you want to. :)

Kate said...

Thank you for the comments dolls! I have to admit at first I was unsure but about five minutes into wearing it I bloody loved it!
I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles to take pretty pictures of my hands haha :) xx