Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Eyeko Tinted & Extra Glow Cream Review

So I've always been a fan of Eyeko, I've purchased a fair few items from Superdrug (I wish they still sold them there!), ASOS etc and I've been eyeing up their creams for absolutely ages!
The other day I went on to the site to purchase some and saw the offer they had on. The Eyeko creams are usually £8.50 each but if I bought these two together I got them both for £12! So me not being one to turn down an offer I had to get both, among some other purchases.
I wanted to have a play around with these before I reviewed them so I could get a good feel for the product.

 The packaging is so cute as per usual with Eyeko! This is the best picture of the creams I could get with the rubbish lighting I have.

Eyeko claim that these products are a 3 in 1 cream, being a highlighter, moisturiser & eye cream. Now I personally wouldn't use these as a moisturiser but I have such dry skin I use really hydrating anti-wrinkle creams so Im pretty hard to impress on that level. The only thing I think it personally lives up to is the highlighting.
I'm a highlighter junkie- I highlight on a daily basis. Now these products are perfect for this!
The cream has quite a thin consistency and a little goes a long way. You get 28ml of product in each tub so these little beauts are going to last a long while!
When I want an all over glow I use the Extra Glow cream all over my face, under my foundation and when I just want to highlight specific areas I'll use it on top of my foundation.
With the Tinted Cream I use this as a highlighter for specific areas but in the summer I'll be using it all over on its own.
 I haven't blended out the tinted cream (on the right) so you could see clearly the colour it gives my cheeks.

Overall I'm pretty impressed with these and I will definitely be re-purchasing these when I eventually run out of them :)
Has anyone else tried these creams out?

Remember if you want to purchase anything from Eyeko, enter my code E13453 at checkout and you will receive a free gift if you spend £15. Eyeko are still doing free shipping for the UK & Europe and are still giving away a free Lilac polish with orders over £15 :)

If you have anymore questions about these creams just drop it down in the comments box and I'll get back to you :)
Kate x


Anonymous said...

Ooh I like the look of these! I think I might have to buy ;-)
The packaging is so cute! xx

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heyy I gave you a lovely award on my blog.
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S and O said...

I can't decide which I like better :D