Thursday, 30 December 2010

New Year, New You??

So I'm most definitely not one for resoloutions. I don't believe that just because we are starting a New Year we should use that as an excuse to change things about ourself. I set goals for myself daily. This year I'm not going to be making resoloutions but more what I aim to achieve in 2011. If I don't achieve it then not all is lost.

Basically I hate the idea of making resoloutions.

There's no point in making huge life changing resoloutions because if you don't achieve them you will only be disappointed in yourself. Start by making little ones and if you reach your goals then move on to bigger and better things :)

Here are my "non-resoloution" resoloutions;
(prize for how many times I can say resoloutions in one post??)
Get back into dance training, most importantly Ballet.

Get my middle splits back.

Audition for more films.

Believe in my talent.

Enrol in a Make Up Artist course.

Forget about a certain person and upset caused.

Find myself a hunky man ;)

Not take myself or situations too seriously.

Be happy :)

(a nice random picture)
Now these may seem petty to some but as I said, setting huge goals for yourself isn't neccessarily the best thing.
Just remember make your resoloutions realistic! Are you really going to lose 2Stone in 8 weeks??
Don't look into them too much, see them as something fun to acheive.

Will you be making resoloutions for 2011??
Happy New Year everyone :)

Kate x

One Hundred Things.. de Cuatro Semanas!

Butterflies in the Tummy

Crackers & Butter ♥

Tattooed Men ♥

Mud Masks ♥

Christmas Festivities With the Family ♥


Bath Bombs ♥

Blistex Relief Cream ♥


Reorganising ♥ 

Homemade Cupcakes ♥

Hot Chocolates ♥ 

Kate x 

Monday, 27 December 2010

I've Been a Good Girl This Year..

I'm back and determined to get back in the swing of things on my little blog.
Christmas is over = more time to myself and I'm no longer ill.
I thought I'd share some of favorite make up presents I got from Santa this year. You can expect to see these appearing a lot in upcoming make up looks. I'm so excited to try them all out fully.
Here comes the picture heavy post ;)

It's most definitely love..

 MAC Fix +, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish 'Soft & Gentle' and GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer.

Fix + ; I have only tried the Fix + on bare skin so far, It's nice and refreshing. I suffer from dry skin and this made my skin feel plump and fresh after. I'm excited to try this out as a finishing spray!
GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer; The GOSH primer is an old faithful.. I always repurchase this and it lasts so long!

Mineralize Skinfinish 'Soft & Gentle'; This is oh so beautiful. The picture really doesn't do it justice. I'm a huge fan of highlighted skin, I think I look so much more healthy. This is stunning on the cheek bones (also looks lovely under the brows). I'm sure I'll be repurchasing this!!


GOSH Trio Eyeshadow 'TR2 Smoky', GOSH Velvet Touch Eyeliner 'Black Ink' and MAC Penultimate Brow Marker 'Universal'

Sleek 'Bad Girl' Palette; Unfortunately my camera failed to do my swatches any justice so I will try again soon, you'll have to take my word for it that this palette is stunning! Only con is that the shadows are so soft I reckon I'll hit pan quick but at least replacing it won't break the bank!

My camera sucks at picking up swatches :(
From l-r.. 
Trio Eyeshadow 'TR2 Smoky'; Really pigmented and smooth and they blend beautifully!
Velvet Touch Eyeliner 'Black Ink'; Nice & Creamy and pigmented.. this may just turn me into and eyeliner junkie!!
Penultimate Brow Marker 'Universal'; Oh. My. Word. I wish I knew about this sooner! Gives the most beautifully defined eyebrows ever! I'm so happy with this product I will post a pic of my new and improved brows soon :) I wish other companies produced this type of thing for eyebrows but unfortunately they don't so I will be saving my pennies to repurchase this!


MAC Glaze Lipstick 'Hue' (Santa let me have this early hence the mishaped bullet), MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick 'Saint Germain', MAC Pro Longwear Lip Creme 'Overtime', GOSH On Stage Cool Lip Jam '107'.

Glaze lipstick 'Hue'; It's nice but most definitely overrated, doesn't give the greatest pigmentation on the lips and because it's a glaze it wears off quickly therefore uses far too much product far too quickly. 
Won't be buying another Glaze fo' shooo.
Amplified Creme lipstick 'Saint Germain'; This was my first ever purchase from MAC and probably one of the few lipsticks I actually fully used. I don't know why I didn't repurchase this sooner.. such a gorgeous Barbie pink. 
Pro Longwear Lip Creme 'Overtime'; I haven't really seen much about these lipsticks on blogs and I don't know why. I would say this is probably my most favorite lipstick ever now. So creamy and although it's a longwear lipstick it does not dry out your lips.. I don't have to use a base and I suffer from the worst dry lips. Does what it says on the tin with a beautiful colour and finish. 
Try these lipsticks out!!
  ♥ On Stage Cool Lip Jam '107'; I hate lipglosses.. but I love this one! Smells like bubblegum and gives a lovely colour on the lips. I'm typically not a fan of lipglosses.. I have the smallest lips EVER and lipglosses just highlight that fact.. It's complete BS that they make small lips look bigger.. (pigmented lipsticks do that trick!) but despite that.. this lipgloss does not do it!

So there we have it.. My favorite make up picks from Christmas. I was definitely spoilt this year and I'm excited to have some things from MAC as I can just never justify spending so much on Make up. I enjoy finding great items for £2/£3.

This post was a bit longer than I had originally planned and kind of turned into a semi-review. I hope I didn't go on too long but I do get carried away sometimes!!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!
What did Santa bring you all?
I'd love to see it in a blogpost - but only cause I'm a nosey parker :)

Kate x

Friday, 24 December 2010

EOTD - Christmas Smokey Eye ♥

This is just a quick simple smokey eye which I think is perfect for Christmas Day and most likely will be wearing this on my eyes :)
(You'll have to excuse my droopy eyes and lack of personality in this post.. I'm so ill right now)
To create this I used a black eyeshadow from my Pixi Natural Mineral kit shown here and the eyeshadow shown beneath from my trusty Sleek palette The Original.
For this look I didn't use a base eyeshadow as I wanted the colours to be as true as possible. First up I placed the black eyeshadow, using my GOSH pencil brush, on the outer half of my eye. The black is smoked out towards the inner corner of my eye and more intense on the outer corner, I also placed this half way under my bottom lashes.

I then took the Sleek colour (pointed out above), with a flat GOSH eyeshadow brush, and placed this all over the lid just up to the crease. I then used the excess shadow on the brush on the inner half of under the bottom lashes.

For a highlight I used my PIXI Sparkle Stix in No.1 Gilded. I wanted the highlight to be quite subtle and the Sparkle Stix is perfect for this.
 I then, of course, had to add some lashes. I used my ELF lashes shown here.

 So there you have it, a quick and easy Christmassy smoked out eye :)

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Kate x

Monday, 20 December 2010

One Hundred Things.. de Tres Semanas!

Girl Crusssssh

Miranda Kerr..
I've always had the hots for Miranda.. Just the most beautiful thing ever! When I found out she was pregnant I was so intrigued to see what she would look like with a bump, but oh.. my.. gosh.. she looks stunning! I hope she returns like Heidi Klum did, The VS show wasn't the same without her strutting her stuff this year.

"Are you exciteddd?!"

Bedtime routine consists of.. Brushing teeth, getting into bed and watching the latest Shaytards Vlog.
I would've loved to have a Dad like Shaycarl.. they are just the best family ever!
If you haven't subbed I suggest you do so :)


Compulsive Shopper.. 
Not a trait I'm proud of but I literally have to buy something for myself each week.. Ebay saves my bank balance.. I still get the satisfaction of treating myself but for far less then I would if I went shopping ;)

Being Creative  

Benefits of blogging..
I'm finding blogging so beneficial since I have started. I love that it's allowing my creative juices to flow. Since I left college (I studied Dance) I found it really hard to let my creativity out and anyone who is in the performings arts sectre/fine arts etc will understand you need that little outlet for your creativity :)

Are You Nuts?!

    Christmas = Nuts..
I've always had an obsession with nuts ( I blame my Mum!) Christmas doesn't help this obsession but it does make me happy :D

Party Hard

   Lots of laughs..
I love party season! Spending time with those you care about most (and in some cases those you don't =/) being merry and having a dance has to be the best thing ever.
Oh and of course the glamming up side of this is great too ;)


 Feeling sleek and sophisticated..
I don't know if this is just a confidence issue but I feel so much more glamourous and sophisticated when I have a nice dress on and sleek black tights with some sky scraper heels. Whether this is just my paranoia about my legs playing some part of this or not.. either way I ♥ TIGHTS! 

Great Service

 When a company provides exemplary service..
I just ordered a dress and jumpsuit from Republic on Friday.. I received these items Today (Monday)!! Baring in mind we have had a ton of snow over the weekend as well! I'm so impressed with them. It makes the shopping experience so much better when a company goes that extra mile. 
Republic also have a great sale on right now.. check it out!   

 Going Nude

Perfect Nude..
Nude lipsticks are always my 'go to' colour. I ordered E.L.F. Natural Nymph a week ago and it has now become my firm favorite. It doesn't dry out my lips either and we all know that nude lipsticks are a no no if you have the slightest bit of dry skin on your lips.
If you love nudes such as MAC Hue and GOSH Darling I highly recommend this lippie :)  

Smelling Sweet  

I'm pretty sure they drug perfumes??
Does anyone get an instant high as soon as they spray themselves with perfume or is that just me haha??
I'm loving Britney Spears (dont judge me) Midnight Fantasy right now. Such a gorgeous perfume!!

That's my ten things that have made my happy for the past week..
I tag YOU to try this post out :)
Kate x 

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Navy Smokey Eye

First off, sorry for being crap on the blogging front this week.. have been working silly hours, so that's great :/ 
Secondly, I had a bad case of hangover-itus and that wasted two days of the week.. I drank far too much!!

Anyway.. It was my works Christmas Do' on Monday (hence the hangover) and I really wanted to wear a smokey eye. I'm kinda sick of using black so decided to twist it up and wear navy. I didn't get any pictures that night so I thought I'd recreate it using step by step pics :)
 (excuse sloppy brows and eyelash application)
To create this look I used my trusty Sleek Palette, The Original and a random Inglot Silvery eyeshadow which I have no clue of the name!

First of press a silver highlight colour all over the lid up to the brow. Then you want to go into the crease with a navy eyeshadow and work it into the outer V. Then blend it out.

Then take a slate grey colour and place this on the centre of your lids but only just above your lash line.

Hellooo fallout!

For the inner corner of my eye, I mixed together the navy and the highlight colour. This is so it brightens up the eye a little but doesn't ruin the smokey effect. By blending two colours you have already used this will help it to blend in more with the rest of the eye.
So you wanna place that in the inner corner like so (see above) and then blend like a mad woman. Blending is the key to a smokey eye!
When finished blending, take your blending brush, just use the excess eyeshadow left from blending and place it under your lower lashes.
Of course I had to finish off the look with some nice dramatic falsies..

Finish off with a nude lip.. only work the eyes or lips, never both!
I used E.L.F Mineral lipstick in Natural Nymph

Anyone else bored of the smokey eye which constantly consists of black eyeshadow??

Kate x

Sunday, 12 December 2010

One Hundred Things.. Segunda Semana!

Fooling Around

Being a big kid..
 Work's been mind-numbingly quiet lately.. we've figured the cure for this boredom is too fool around - whilst the bosses aren't watching ;)

Being a fatty
Excuses.. Excuses..
My Graze box didn't arrive this week (not impressed!) and seeing as that was my little thing to stop me snacking on junk.. I caved in and had my first bag of crisps in ages!
Have to admit even though I slightly regretted it.. the junk food definitely released some happy endorphins inside of me :)

Softly Softly
Kissably soft lips..
I'm officially addicted.. My lips haven't been this soft in as long as I can remember!
It's ahhhmazing!

My Family
  How cute is this pic??
I had early Christmas celebrations with the family this weekend as one of my sister's is going away for Christmas and the New Year.. It's also one of my brother's, one of my sister's and my mum's birthdays over Christmas so it was a nice celebratory weekend :)

 Cherry Sourz
Whether it's with lemonade, pepsi or just straight I can not get enough of it right now!!

Rockin' Bright Lips

 Make the gloomy days brighter..
I couldn't get a decent picture, hence the stupid pose, but you get the idea :)
I'm a nude lips girl through and through but I'm really enjoying wearing bright coloured lipsticks throughout the winter!


  Girl crush alert!
I think I should do a 'girl crush of the week' haha!
She was shhmokin' on the X Factor.. I love the confidence that oozes from her and she looked amazing in that black dress!
Definitely liking LOVING her now she's out of her depressive song stage! 

Being Lazy

  Pyjama days..
I'm really enjoying these cosy days in right now.. I hate it when I have to go to work and I have to walk along the coast in this freezing weather :( So on my day off it is soo nice to stay inside wrapped up in my pjs :)

Pretty nails

  Mini Manicures..
I feel like such a man if my nails aren't in good shape and painted.. unfortunately with my job I'm not allowed to wear nail polish :( I've had two days off in a row this week so I painted my nails :D 
Funny how simple things can make you feel happier, huh?!

Counting Down The Days

  Almost time :D
So it's almost time for my friends to come home from uni.. Realising today that it's only five days put a huge smile on my face.
Don't get me wrong I love my friends at home but it's not the same without your best friend!
(btw how amazing is that calendar?! Bubble-wrap calendar.. Yes please!)

Kate x