Monday, 20 December 2010

One Hundred Things.. de Tres Semanas!

Girl Crusssssh

Miranda Kerr..
I've always had the hots for Miranda.. Just the most beautiful thing ever! When I found out she was pregnant I was so intrigued to see what she would look like with a bump, but oh.. my.. gosh.. she looks stunning! I hope she returns like Heidi Klum did, The VS show wasn't the same without her strutting her stuff this year.

"Are you exciteddd?!"

Bedtime routine consists of.. Brushing teeth, getting into bed and watching the latest Shaytards Vlog.
I would've loved to have a Dad like Shaycarl.. they are just the best family ever!
If you haven't subbed I suggest you do so :)


Compulsive Shopper.. 
Not a trait I'm proud of but I literally have to buy something for myself each week.. Ebay saves my bank balance.. I still get the satisfaction of treating myself but for far less then I would if I went shopping ;)

Being Creative  

Benefits of blogging..
I'm finding blogging so beneficial since I have started. I love that it's allowing my creative juices to flow. Since I left college (I studied Dance) I found it really hard to let my creativity out and anyone who is in the performings arts sectre/fine arts etc will understand you need that little outlet for your creativity :)

Are You Nuts?!

    Christmas = Nuts..
I've always had an obsession with nuts ( I blame my Mum!) Christmas doesn't help this obsession but it does make me happy :D

Party Hard

   Lots of laughs..
I love party season! Spending time with those you care about most (and in some cases those you don't =/) being merry and having a dance has to be the best thing ever.
Oh and of course the glamming up side of this is great too ;)


 Feeling sleek and sophisticated..
I don't know if this is just a confidence issue but I feel so much more glamourous and sophisticated when I have a nice dress on and sleek black tights with some sky scraper heels. Whether this is just my paranoia about my legs playing some part of this or not.. either way I ♥ TIGHTS! 

Great Service

 When a company provides exemplary service..
I just ordered a dress and jumpsuit from Republic on Friday.. I received these items Today (Monday)!! Baring in mind we have had a ton of snow over the weekend as well! I'm so impressed with them. It makes the shopping experience so much better when a company goes that extra mile. 
Republic also have a great sale on right now.. check it out!   

 Going Nude

Perfect Nude..
Nude lipsticks are always my 'go to' colour. I ordered E.L.F. Natural Nymph a week ago and it has now become my firm favorite. It doesn't dry out my lips either and we all know that nude lipsticks are a no no if you have the slightest bit of dry skin on your lips.
If you love nudes such as MAC Hue and GOSH Darling I highly recommend this lippie :)  

Smelling Sweet  

I'm pretty sure they drug perfumes??
Does anyone get an instant high as soon as they spray themselves with perfume or is that just me haha??
I'm loving Britney Spears (dont judge me) Midnight Fantasy right now. Such a gorgeous perfume!!

That's my ten things that have made my happy for the past week..
I tag YOU to try this post out :)
Kate x 


Anonymous said...

I love Britney Spears' perfumes too! I think I have all of them.. Oops! Haha xx

Kaushal - BeautyFulfilled said...

I agree with Sriya! Britney has some yummy fragrances :)

Kaushal xx

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Awh these are so lovely. I'm addicted to nuts ;) x hivennn.