Sunday, 5 December 2010

One Hundred Things.. Una Semana!

Saw this little tag on Lipgloss And Leopard Print (go check her out) and thought it would be a nice one to join in on!
Basically I will post ten things each week, over ten weeks, of which make me happy during that week. It's a nice way to reflect on your week, even if you had a crap week it'll give you something to smile about..
So here goes :)

False Eyelashes

Effortless beauty for them lazy days.. 
They defo made my life easy this week :) It's official.. I hate my lashes!

Top knots
Yet again.. Effortless beauty..
Yep, I've been extremely lazy this week. Having my hair in a top knot is the perfect for being a lazy cow and still looking chic :)

Cheryl Cole

I'd marry her if I could..
So, like the rest of the country I adore her. 
I don't need to go into this anymore.


Waffling about nothing..
I never thought this.. but I'm finding blogging so therapeutic! As soon as I get in from work I find it so relaxing to have a good old waffle on here or read someone elses waffle.
Think I'm going to be an addict.

Graze Boxes
Feeling good about eating..
So I'm week one into my little Graze mission.. I'm getting my second tomorrow.
It's such a nice feeling snacking on these healthy foods, rather than junk, and knowing I'm not filling my body with processed rubbish-ness. 
(Yes rubbish-ness exists in the dictionary of Kate) 

My Berry
 My saviour..
I've been on this "Blackberry Hype Ting" (erghh I hate that saying) for a fair while now.. but my BB has never come in handy as much as it has this week.. It's helped me lots.. therefore made me happy :)

Christmas Shopping

 Having that Santa feeling..
I like to pretend this time of year I'm some sort of Santa.
I enjoy writing lists of presents for my friends y la familia.
Sad? Maybe..
Warm fuzzy feeling? Definitely.

Being a child

Never growing up.. 
Definitely nothing better than when it's freezing outside watching a ton of cute Christmas films (predominantly for kiddies.. but who cares), snuggled up under a blanket and drinking hot chocolate.
I actually adore winter.

My Best Friend
  My Rock..
This needs minimal explanation.. 
She's there for me and managed to put a smile on my face again this week.
And that was a toughie!


Recollections of amazing times with friends makes me smile so much.. Especially when I do it lots in the week :)

Kate x


Anonymous said...

Love it :D xxx

kirstyb said...

this is such a lovely post xxx

Sarah said...

such a cute post.
(i love buddy the elf!)

Steph said...

Aw this is such a fun post! I love all these things xx

Kate said...

Yeah, it is a really nice post to do :)
Elf is definitely one of my favorite Christmas films.. Along with Polar Express :D