Sunday, 12 December 2010

One Hundred Things.. Segunda Semana!

Fooling Around

Being a big kid..
 Work's been mind-numbingly quiet lately.. we've figured the cure for this boredom is too fool around - whilst the bosses aren't watching ;)

Being a fatty
Excuses.. Excuses..
My Graze box didn't arrive this week (not impressed!) and seeing as that was my little thing to stop me snacking on junk.. I caved in and had my first bag of crisps in ages!
Have to admit even though I slightly regretted it.. the junk food definitely released some happy endorphins inside of me :)

Softly Softly
Kissably soft lips..
I'm officially addicted.. My lips haven't been this soft in as long as I can remember!
It's ahhhmazing!

My Family
  How cute is this pic??
I had early Christmas celebrations with the family this weekend as one of my sister's is going away for Christmas and the New Year.. It's also one of my brother's, one of my sister's and my mum's birthdays over Christmas so it was a nice celebratory weekend :)

 Cherry Sourz
Whether it's with lemonade, pepsi or just straight I can not get enough of it right now!!

Rockin' Bright Lips

 Make the gloomy days brighter..
I couldn't get a decent picture, hence the stupid pose, but you get the idea :)
I'm a nude lips girl through and through but I'm really enjoying wearing bright coloured lipsticks throughout the winter!


  Girl crush alert!
I think I should do a 'girl crush of the week' haha!
She was shhmokin' on the X Factor.. I love the confidence that oozes from her and she looked amazing in that black dress!
Definitely liking LOVING her now she's out of her depressive song stage! 

Being Lazy

  Pyjama days..
I'm really enjoying these cosy days in right now.. I hate it when I have to go to work and I have to walk along the coast in this freezing weather :( So on my day off it is soo nice to stay inside wrapped up in my pjs :)

Pretty nails

  Mini Manicures..
I feel like such a man if my nails aren't in good shape and painted.. unfortunately with my job I'm not allowed to wear nail polish :( I've had two days off in a row this week so I painted my nails :D 
Funny how simple things can make you feel happier, huh?!

Counting Down The Days

  Almost time :D
So it's almost time for my friends to come home from uni.. Realising today that it's only five days put a huge smile on my face.
Don't get me wrong I love my friends at home but it's not the same without your best friend!
(btw how amazing is that calendar?! Bubble-wrap calendar.. Yes please!)

Kate x  


Anonymous said...

Love this post! And I totally agree with you about Rihanna! She was AMAZING last night! I bought tickets to go see her :D Exciteddddd xx

Kate said...

Ahh I'm so jealous! She was actually so so good! I swear that red hair has done something to her haha xx

Bows and Butterflies said...

Have you ever tried cherry sourz sambucca and lemonade? it is lovely :D
Rihanna is hot isnt she last night she looked fab

Kate said...

No I haven't.. I can't stomach Samubuca, even the smell haha. I'm like it with everything liquorice/aniseed!xx

Coco said...

i like your blog! your hair in the first pic is GORGEOUS!

take a look at my blog too if you'd like!

Lisa said...

i just came across your blog. your blog is sooo cute!!! definitely following! :)


Rebecca said...

Loving this little blog!


Kate said...

Thank you dolls! Definitely going to check all your blogs out :) xx