Saturday, 18 December 2010

Navy Smokey Eye

First off, sorry for being crap on the blogging front this week.. have been working silly hours, so that's great :/ 
Secondly, I had a bad case of hangover-itus and that wasted two days of the week.. I drank far too much!!

Anyway.. It was my works Christmas Do' on Monday (hence the hangover) and I really wanted to wear a smokey eye. I'm kinda sick of using black so decided to twist it up and wear navy. I didn't get any pictures that night so I thought I'd recreate it using step by step pics :)
 (excuse sloppy brows and eyelash application)
To create this look I used my trusty Sleek Palette, The Original and a random Inglot Silvery eyeshadow which I have no clue of the name!

First of press a silver highlight colour all over the lid up to the brow. Then you want to go into the crease with a navy eyeshadow and work it into the outer V. Then blend it out.

Then take a slate grey colour and place this on the centre of your lids but only just above your lash line.

Hellooo fallout!

For the inner corner of my eye, I mixed together the navy and the highlight colour. This is so it brightens up the eye a little but doesn't ruin the smokey effect. By blending two colours you have already used this will help it to blend in more with the rest of the eye.
So you wanna place that in the inner corner like so (see above) and then blend like a mad woman. Blending is the key to a smokey eye!
When finished blending, take your blending brush, just use the excess eyeshadow left from blending and place it under your lower lashes.
Of course I had to finish off the look with some nice dramatic falsies..

Finish off with a nude lip.. only work the eyes or lips, never both!
I used E.L.F Mineral lipstick in Natural Nymph

Anyone else bored of the smokey eye which constantly consists of black eyeshadow??

Kate x


Anonymous said...

That looks really pretty! xx

Kaushal - BeautyFulfilled said...

Ahh, those lashes are gorgeous!!

Kaushal xx

Nilufar said...

I love this loook...I want Inglot :(

Nilufar xXx

jadore said...

The shadow looks gorgeous on you!!

Alena said...

wow, amazing! looks gorgeous and i love your header! <3

Kate said...

Thank you girls :)

Nilufar.. The closest Inglot to me is two hours away :(
They have far better colour choice than MAC and are better value!xx

Makeup and Macaroons said...

That looks is gorgeous, and I have the exact same palette so I'll have to give the look a try.


Kate said...

Thank you. You should definitely try it out :) xx