Friday, 7 January 2011

I got a 'Haul' lotta stuff..

Yeah.. my titles a crap joke I know, I know.
Basically this is my first time shopping in a month :o (online shopping does not count!) haha!
I done so well.. I put so much stuff back on the rails/shelves but I couldn't resist these bargains :)

Get ready for a picture heavy post!
River Island - £5 reduced from £12.99

I saw someone blog about this a few weeks back (can't remember who!) and thought it looked great & then saw it reduced yesterday for a fiver.. Not going to miss that!
My Mum wanted me to buy it cause it looks pretty ahaha bless her!

River Island - £30 reduced from £60

River Island - £10 reduced from £25

I have wanted these boots for yonks!!! But lately I just can't justify spending £60 on peep toe boots I won't get much wear out of. These were the last size 5 and I have Christmas money to spend so I just couldn't say no. The leather is so soft and the turn over collar is suede with a slight sparkle. So beautiful in person!
Love this dress! I have a ton of Body Con dresses, but the cut out shoulders and key hole back make it so different to all my others.. Hoping it looks good on :)
Primark - £8 reduced from £15

Yes, they are meant to come out without laces :) I have wanted some worker boots for ages but I couldn't find any that looked 'feminine' enough for me.. they were all too clumpy for my liking.. I'm really specific about boots I wear.. I don't like boots that come any higher than just above the ankle.. I think I'm too short for them, I look strange and that was another problem I found with worker boots, they are always like half way up to my knee.. not a good look for me.

Primark - (l-r) £1.50, £2 & £2

I literally can't go into Primark without purchasing some of their jewellery, especially rings! I got the 'love' one cause I'm kinda obsessed with double finger rings, and who doesn't love a bit of tack in their lives! The Rose one is just really delicate for a statement ring and the rings on the right are actually a set of three, which you can wear stacked together or seperately, so cute!

Primark - All £1.50

I needed some small studs for work, apparently my smallest pair are still too big :( so these will do! The tea set necklace is so so cute and I love the bow bangle, although the size of the bangle is a bit too big for my liking but never mind!

I've wanted to try out Revlon Color Stay for ages and as my everyday foundation is running low I thought I'd purchase some. I got shade 'Buff' and I'm an NW20 in MAC (pro longwear NC15) this foundation is actually on offer at the mo, in Boots and Superdrug, for £9 so if I like it I'm going back to stock up on it :) The Gosh nail polish is in the shade 'Miss Sweety', this was only £2.49! 
The Eyeko things were delivered today so I thought I'd include them. The Eyeko tinted cream & extra glow cream were £12 as I bought them in a gift set thing. Rain polish & Chi Chi polish were £3.50. The lipgloss in shade 'Primrose Hill' & the Petite Polish were my ambassador gifts :)

(things I forgot to photograph) 
A daisy headband for £1 in Primark & Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Sex Bomb Massive Mousse (this stuff is amazing!) and their Glam Hair Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray. These are currently on offer for 2 for £7 in Boots. They retail for around £5 each usually so it's a good deal :)

Has anyone tried their salt spray?? I can't stand the smell of this Glam Hair range but I love the products I have tried so far, so I'm willing to put up with it!

If you read all this post then I congratulate you. Was bit of a long one and I had a good waffle!
Did anyone pick anything nice up in the sales??

Don't forget if you'd like to order something from Eyeko then enter my Ambassador Code E13453 for a free gift :)

Kate x

(just seen that Eyeko are offering free shipping for UK & Europe and are sending out a free Lilac Polish with every order over £15!!)


Izzylovesyoo said...

<3 the studs
<3 your blog :)
follow me? xx <3 :)
Izzy xx

Anonymous said...

Love your primark purchases, I never have the patience to look around long enough in there!
And those boots are serious shoes of joy! :D Rebecca x

Lisa said...

lovveeee the jewelry!


Life of a girl called hawaiianpunchelsea said...

you purchasecd some very adorable things

Jay Fletch said...

all of these are super cute, but I think my favorites are the rings!

xo, Jay

Anonymous said...

Omg I have that Love ring and I got the flower ring for christmas from my sister hahaha! :P Great haul xx