Friday, 28 January 2011

Collective Haul - PART 1 Clothing & Accessories

I've been so bad at blogging lately and I do apologise.. let's hope I'll get back into the swing of things now :)

So here is part one of my collective haul, I haven't bought a majorly huge amount of items, but I do want to talk about some in more detail. I've split it up into 'Clothing & Accessories' and 'Beauty items'. 
So first up is Clothing & Accessories :)

 Biker 'Leather' Gilet £15 & Crochet Waistcoat £8 - Both from Primark

Horse Print Dress £5 - Primark

I literally cannot wait for Summer to arrive so I can wear this! I'm going to cut off the straps as I'm not too keen on the skinny straps.
I'm definitely going to try & rock this with some 120denier tights & ankle boots though :)

Butterfly print Peg Leg trousers £12 - Primark
I wish I could get a picture that showed this better without having to put them on! They have a shirred waistband at the back & hang so nicely when on!

Oversized Grandad Cardi £12 - Primark
I absolutely love this cardi but I didn't quite anticipate how oversized it actually would be. If I hadn't of taken the tags out I definitely would've swapped this for a size smaller.. but it's still a nice addition to the wardrobe & I have worn it an awful lot!

 Floral Aviators £1, 60s Square Rim Sunnies £2 & Mirrored Aviators £2 - All Primark
 Nautical Rope Necklace £3 - Primark. Anchor Rope Bracelet £6 - ASOS

Click the above link if you are interested in the bracelet. I'm defo bummed out that it's been reduced since I purchased it a few days ago :/ haha!
Anchor Double Finger Ring £8 - ASOS

 This ring is now reduced to £6 :/ whatta joke! Anywayyy.. link above :)

 Hairbow £1.50 - Primark

So I don't know if people are aware of DollyBowBow but it's a little vintage inspired Jewellery & accessories site. A little while ago Kate, the site owner, introduced these new hairbands which have flexible wire in the middle so you can create loads of different styles with the one 'bow'. Now ever since she introduced they have been constantly sold out and obviously I couldn't get one.. but Primark now sell them! The material is  reversible unlike the DollyBowBow ones and it's also at a fraction of the price.. Score :)

So that is part one of my collective haul! I won't be buying many more clothes for a while as I'm going on the Cambridge diet next week, so obviously I don't want to be buying clothes that won't fit when I've hopefully lost the weight :)
Look out for Part 2 in the next couple of days

Kate x


FaceFixers said...

Great post Kate, I love the crotchet waistcoat.

Life of a girl called hawaiianpunchelsea said...

Your crochety lacey waistcoat is so pretty! The united states really needs a primark, I always see such adorable clothes in people posts and I love them,