Monday, 3 January 2011

Perfect Imperfections

I'm sure you've all seen this TAG before, but if not I shall explain it. Basically you write about three things you like about yourself and three things you don't..
I'm going to start with the things I like
My Eyes

I really like the colour of my eyes, especially in the sun when they go such a bright blue. I like the almond shape as well.
My Eyebrows

I love to have perfect brows anyway, but I'm really lucky with the fact my eyebrows have a nice natural arch to them. Sometimes I wish they were a bit more thick (thank god for eyebrow powders and markers!) They also take yonks to grow so they're very low maintenance :)

My Hair

My hair is bit of a funny one. I admit I moan and moan about how long it takes to style because of the length and thickness of it but once my hairs done I love it. I'm very lucky with the colour, I have never coloured it in my life and I don't plan on it. My hair doesn't get dry and I rarely have to get it cut. I can also just leave it to dry naturally and it will set into loose curls. So I suppose it's not too bad really.

(ignore the drunken pose.. it's purely to show the colour and condition haha)

The picture above is perfect to go onto my first imperfection..


I bloody hate it with a passion. It's the biggest thing ever. I did start saving for a nose job because it used to get me down but I'm just far too scared I look so weird with a different nose.. If only I could magically shrink it overnight.....


Now this is the complete opposite to my nose.. They are far too small! I think God was having a joke when he created my face.. Lets give her a huge nose and tiny lips.
Hate hate hate.. it's not even that they are too thin but they are just really small in comparison to my face!


I've never been blessed with clear skin.. It's calmed down a lot as I have gotten older but I still get the odd hormonal break out. Don't get me wrong, people have it far worse than me but my skin is so dry that there's nothing I can really do to treat blemishes :(
Also I have a lot of freckles (which I love!) but I can't not wear any foundation because if I have the slightest blemish or red flush on my cheeks my skin will look awful. People who have freckles will agree it's incredibly difficult to make our skin look flawless and smooth :(

So that's my Perfect Imperfections tag. I felt quite weird writing about things I 'like' as I'm not really the type of girl to big myself up or say I like things about myself but I defo enjoyed having a rant about my imperfections!
I tag you ALL :)

Kate x

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Lauren said...

Oh I just found your blog and I really really love it! Your smokey Xmas eye tutorial was fab and I love this post about your loves and hates (your eyes are gorgeous - I'm jealous sitting here with my muddy greeny pond coloured eyes!)

I'm your newest follower!

Lauren @ Lauren Loves... xxx