Sunday, 30 January 2011

Collective Haul - PART 2 Beauty Items

Ok, so here's part 2 of this extensive haul haha :)

Vaseline Cocoa Butter £1.99 & Vaseline Healthy Hand & Nail cream £1.19 - Wilkinsons

The Cocoa Butter was reduced from £5! I thought it would be a nice prep for when I fake tan. The Hand & Nail cream is an old faithful, I've used this for as long as I can remember and I'll always go back to it!
Eyeko Toffee Fat Balm £3.90, S&G 'Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser' £5.50, New cid Eyes, Lips & Cheeks palette £12 - All ASOS

All these products were in the sale, the best saving has to be the palette though! The RRP is £24. I have heard so many good things about it so I had to snap it up (it's still available now). For a palette you get absolutely huge amounts of product in there. Each eyeshadow is 5.4gm, each lip colour is 2.25gm & the blusher is 7.2gm!

Eyeko Big Eyes mascara & Graffiti Eyeliner set £5 - ASOS. Sleek Blush 'Pixie Pink' £4.29, MUA lipsticks Shade 1 & 7, MUA blush Shade 1 & MUA eyeshadow shade 11 all £1 each, GOSH Velvet Touch Lipsticl 'Darling' £6.49 & GOSH Soft'N Shine Lip Balm 'Barbie' £3.67 - All Superdrug

So I totally picked up the wrong MUA lipstick, I didn't mean to get Shade 1 but I'll work with it! You get 3.8g of lipstick which is fairly typical. The Eyeshadow is lovelyyy! You get 2g of shadow which is .5g more than MAC ;) MUA blush you get 2.4g as opposed to Sleek which is 8g.. so it kinda works out the same price for amount of product! At the moment some of the GOSH items are half priced so I picked up one of their lip balms & GOSH darling is just an old faithful :)
(L-R) MUA 'shade 7' (LOVE THIS), 'shade 1', GOSH 'Darling' lipstick (slightly washed out by flash), GOSH 'Barbie' Lip Balm & Eyeko 'Toffee' Fat Balm

(L-R) Eyeko Graffiti Liner 'Purple', MUA eyeshadow 'shade 11', MUA blush 'shade 1' & Sleek blush 'Pixie Pink'

 New cid palette. (L-R) 3 Lip shades, 4 eyeshadows & the blush

Next up are some palettes I bought back in December, but I've only just received them. I got these from ebay, the delivery time was no fault of the seller. They ship internationally so if you're interested they're great for my international readers :)

Alltogether (including P&P) they cost me £11.96. I bought an 88 matte eyeshadow palette & a 15 camouflage concealer palette.

As you can see even though it is a matte palette there are some shimmer shades in there, I don't mind this so much though as they aren't overly shimmery! The colour range is so good and the shadows are nicely pigmented. I tried this out the other day and the shadows are lovely to work with & blend really nicely which is great! I seriously recommend this to everyone.. this is great if you're starting out with make up or if you are experienced with make up. The seller can be found here. This palette was £7.99 with free shipping! 
 Quite a lot of the shades have been bleached out by my flash, but in this palette you get 1 highlighter shade, 3 correcter shades - lilac, green & yellow & 11 concealers. I have used this everyday since I received it! The highlighter is one of the most beautiful highlighters I have ever used & I've used a lot! I've mainly used this palette for under my eyes.. I haven't had any blemishes since I received it so I'm yet to try it out on that but I'm sure it'll be great. If you want full coverage foundation then you can mix a tiny bit of fix + with the concealers and use them. I sprayed fix + on a flat foundation brush & dipped it in the concealer pan. I obviously won't be using the darker shades too much, but with a light hand and a stippling brush they can be used as bronzers :) 
The seller can be found here
This beauty was £3.97. I honestly wasn't expecting a whole lot from these palettes but the quality is so good!
Even if you just want to try these out they are cheap enough to but I would definitely recommend investing in these palettes!
 I'm SO impressed with them!

So that is the end of my collective haul! Well done if you stayed with me during it ;)

If you would like me to swatch the 88 palette & review the concealer palette a bit more then just drop a comment below and I will be more than happy to :)
Hope you're all good dolls!
Kate x

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