Thursday, 20 January 2011

Just a little update..

I logged on to Blogger for the first time, last night, since Saturday! I have been so busy! At the weekend I worked night shifts and they always take it out of me, on Monday my friend and I went to Surrey and had a night out there.. on the Tuesday we travelled home, went shopping in the city centre & then went 20 miles the other way to get our hair done. Tuesday evening I went to the dentist with my Mum and then I FINALLY got back to my home town late Tuesday evening! PHEW!
Since then I have been working, so I've really fallen behind on my blog :(
It's not that I'm uninspired, I have so many posts I want to do, it's just literally finding the time in my crazy schedule!

Last week I injured my knee, I had to go to hospital last night. I've got soft tissue damage and also artifacts (I think thats how you spell it) in between the joints, which is basically excess fluid & little bits of bone. If anyone has any tips on speedy recovery it would be much appreciated!
Anyway, I'm explaining all of this because after tonights shift at work I'm self certifying for a week to help my knee as I currently can't straighten it.

So after all that waffling, I shall hopefully get back into my blogging routine this week & next. I've got lots of posts planned so you can expect more hauls, EOTDs, NOTDs, posts that I have been meaning to work on and also I'm going to be doing a Valentines look.
So I hope everyone is doing well! I'm now going to catch up on all of your blogs & then get myself ready for work.. JOY!

Catch you soon, Dolls
Kate x

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