Monday, 14 February 2011

Product Rave !!!

So it's official I have the driest skin known to god (but only on my face :s) and I'm pretty sure I've tried most of what is to offer to sort my face out and yet everything has failed!
Exfoliants, masks, hot cloth cleansers.. you name it I've most likely tried it. Everything always temporarily fixed the problem but after two days it'd be back again.
Anyway, I was walking around Wilkinsons the other day and needed some more make up wipes and it was then I came across these..

At first I was dubious.. exfoliating facial wipes. dry, sensitive skin. eye make up. delicate eye area. Doesn't sound like a great combination huh? But seeing as I could get 2 packs for 97p I thought I may as well try it!

I'm so glad I did! I have been using these babies for about 2 weeks now and my skin has never felt so smooth. I literally don't get anymore dry skin on face! 
The wipe is a waffle texture so it's not too harsh on the skin but it really does do the job! As with all face wipes you have to be careful with how you remove your mascara but especially with these as you don't want to damage the delicate skin.
I find that sandwiching your eyelashes between the wipe and rubbing lightly that you aren't pulling the skin and therefore not damaging it. Because of the waffle texture on these wipes mascara removal is a dream!
My skin feels extremely clean after I used them, it removes foundation really well and I'm sure my skin tone is even balancing out now..

I literally can't rave about these enough! If you have a Wilkinsons local to you go ahead and pick some up!

Perfect for all skin types but especially those with dry sensitive skin.. who'd have thought it :) 

I'll most definitely be stocking up on these!
Found any products worth raving about lately?

Kate x


Lucy. said...

I work here as my second job lol. Good facial wipes! X

Anonymous said...

Aghhh i've never tried these exfoliating ones! I always pick up the ones in the white packet, but i have to try these next!! lovely post hun! xx

ForeverSweet89 said...

I have never used these before...I don't even think ive seen them before lol.. thanks for the heads up, might have to give them a go

Kate said...

I've never seen these before either. I always stick to the same wipes but I couldn't get hold of them so I tried these. They're so so good!
And yes Hannah try them, I loveeee them!xx

GoldenGlow said...

I always see this in Wilkos when I pop through but never thought of testing them out but I will now :) x

kia said...

I have tried these out & they are very good! I love your blog header illustration - where is it from? x