Sunday, 28 November 2010

Jewellery Haul :)

As I get into this blogging malarky, it will become apparent I have a slight obsession with buying jewellery. So I thought I'd do a little haul of the jewellery I purchased in the last few days.

First up..

Double finger 'Cross' ring. ASOS £8

I have wanted this ring foreverrrr! I was even tempted to try and order the ASOS men's version in a small size haha! Eventually I gave up looking for it, then one day I was reading LLYMLRS blog and she was saying how she found this on ASOS. Right away I ordered mine and I'm so glad I did.

Bronze ring £1, Butterfly ring 75p. Both Matalan sale ;)

I love the bronze ring so so much but it's stretchy and for some reason I absolutely cant stand the way it feels on my finger.. bummer :( I like how the pattern on the butterfly ring doesn't quite fit.. makes it more different than your average butterfly ring!

Silver Rose ring £15. Covent Garden

I instantly fell in love with this.. it's so delicate, perfect for when you don't want jewellery to overpower your outfit. And £15 for Sterling Silver.. what a bargain!

'Blondie' necklace £6, Pearl 'Peace' necklace £2. Both ASOS

Last but not least these two necklaces. The Blondie necklace is also another piece of jewellery I've wanted to add to my collection for a while. Being blonde myself I was a bit worried I might look a bit tacky wearing it but I love it too much to care :)
This pearl necklace was in the sale and I thought it was too cute to not buy! I love how different it is. The Peace sign has tiny little crystals on it.

ASOS is seriously dangerous to my bank balance since they introduced their free delivery but I'm thinking I should maybe put it to use for Christmas pressies ??

Grabbed any bargains lately?

Kate x


Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Check out mine-

Emily Charlotte said...

The rose ring is beautiful.x

kirstyb said...

i love the first ring - i have it too xx

jayfletch said...

I love the Silver Rose ring. so cute, and so is your blog!

Kate said...

Thanks everyone! The rose and cross ring are my favorites right now as well..
Ellie, I will definitely check it out :) x

Rebecca said...

I just stumbled across your blog from LLYMLRS from the comment you left, and I love it!!