Thursday, 24 February 2011

Wednesday's Waffle & Bloggers Award

Hi everyone.. remember me??

Sorry I've been MIA. Seven days worth of shifts in a row and an ill Kate do not go hand in hand with blogging.
I have awarded myself with the award of 'Crap Blogger' so don't get too jealous everyone..

- Current mood; most definitely could be a lot better.

-Work is just a bit of a sick joke at the mo. I swear someone up above is having a laugh at ruining my life! But don't fret I still have plenty of posts I need to type up for you dolls, It'll just be finding the time!

-I mentioned earlier that I've been ill, as some of you know I've been on the Cambridge Diet. It's been going really well but my Mum and I figured out that it's the diet that has been making me really ill and run down. Because of my shift pattern I do at work it just wasn't healthy for me to be on my feet at work, running around like a mad woman for 10hours of the day with 9hours between shifts. But I still managed to lose 14lbs in the three weeks I was on the diet! I'm absolutely chuffed! I would have much preferred to lose a little more but ya'no I can't go complaining!

I've got 8days off of work as of Friday and I've got a manic schedule ahead.. Saturday I'm going wedding dress shopping with my big sister (for her wedding), Sunday I have to have promo pictures taken for a film I'm taking part in and Monday-Thursday I'm visting a friend in Surrey.
I will try my best to schedule some posts for you all on Friday but please bare with me! When I have returned to full health I'll be back on this blogging thing!

Sorry for this longggg post!
Have a silly picture to make up for it

Hope you're all good dolls

Kate x


Miss EBlog said...

Aww no :( Hop you feel better, enjoy your time off. Well done on the weight loss :D x

Jay Fletch said...

I hope you feel better and have a great couple of days off!

That’s So Fletch
xo, Jay

Jay Fletch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Summer said...

I looove your blog so much & I really hope you keep on writing <3

Anonymous said...

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