Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Wednesday's Waffle

So this is basically going to be my version of 'Someday Summary' where I can let off steam, rave about products & keep you all updated on my daily going ons..

- Current Mood; Suprisingly good.

- As some of you may, or may not, know.. I started the Cambridge Diet yesterday (Tuesday). There are six different steps to the diet & I've chosen the hardcore one living off around 400 calories a day. It's all nutritionally balanced so you're not starving yourself of anything you need. So far, so good. It's not easy when you work in a pub/restaurant & you're running around all day but it's easier to stick to than I first thought!

- I did really want to take part in Frugal Febuary (where you don't buy any products, apart from necessities, for the whole month) But I don't want to commit to something I can't stick to, so I will be cutting down my spending to almost nothing.. well, I'll try!

- I've never been one to get hyped up about MAC collections, but I am kinda looking forward to the 'Jeanius Collection'. It's due for release in March '11. I will be treating myself to a few bits in March to [hopefully] celebrate weight loss and I've definitely got my eyes on some of this collection :)

 L-R 'Acid Washed' LE, 'Pretty Please' Permanent & 'Riveting Rose' LE.

LOVE Riveting Rose! I have one deep plum lippy already, but I think I shall be adding this to my collection! Acid Wash looks like one of them shades that will either be beautiful or absolutely vile.. only time will tell!

'Motorhead' LE

I won't be purchasing any of the shadows but the pressed design for this collection is really nice I think! Definitely much better than the Tartan Tale shadows anyway!

- Anyone else not impressed with the Peacocky collection? Yeah there is a ton of shadows & glosses.. but really.. who wants a bright blue gloss?! They could've released a beautiful cool tone MSF with that collection & think of the polishes you could create with that brief! The possibilities were endless with that collection, so in my eyes it was kind of a fail!

- On Monday I have my first weigh in after a week of being on the diet. I will keep you all posted! 
So I hope you enjoyed my first Wednesday Waffles! Keep your eyes peeled for more updates :)

If anyone has any questions or even tips for me about the Cambridge diet then please comment below!
Kate x


Rebecca said...

I need 'pretty please' in my life! such a nice colour xx

Kate said...

I've never actually swatched it, but I think I might next time.. it does look lovely!xx