Sunday, 13 February 2011

MAC Dupe Alert

I'm pretty sure everyone is familiar with MACs Saint Germain lipstick.. if not you should be as it's a beautiful vibrant pastel pink with blue undertones. I lurrrve it so much!

Anyway! I've recently reorganised my make up storage and as I was sorting through my lippies I discovered literally an exact dupe for Saint Germain.
It's the closest I have found. A lot of people say Barry M 100 (Baby Pink) & NYX Narcissus are dupes but when you compare them to the dupe I'm about to show you, you'll realise they aren't that great a dupe.

Natural Daylight
Collection 2000 Lasting Colour 'Bubblegum' £2.99 & MAC Saint Germain £13.50

With flash

Side by side in natural daylight
(poor focus, thanks camera)

MAC Saint Germain on the left & Collection 2000 'Bubblegum' on the right

In this picture of the swatches it's apparent that Bubblegum is ever so slightly darker than Saint Germain but to be fair it's pretty hard to tell!

In both pictures of my lips I am wearing Bubblegum on the left half of my lip (top & bottom) and Saint Germain on the right half of my lip.

It's pretty hard to tell I'm wearing two different lippies!

I just had to let people know as I'm sure this isn't a very well known dupe!

Even though the Collection 2000 lippy is almost £11 cheaper it doesn't compromise on colour or longevity of wear.
It's perfect if you have always wanted to try out Saint Germain as you won't break the bank, or if you're like me and get through this shade ridiculously quick!

So I hope you all enjoyed this post :)

Kate x


Anonymous said...

My goodness!! That is a great dupe!! It's such a gorgeous colour, might have to do a quick little purchase tomorrow!

lovely post hun! xx

Kate said...

Yes get it! I love it so much! It is more vibrant in person on the lips, my camera washes everything out!
I really want to find more dupes now, it's so satisfying haha xx

Rachel said...

Wow this is really good, Saint Germain is such a gorgeous colour so it's great to know there's a cheaper alternative out there. I have to say though, I'm always drawn in by the MAC lippies cos I love their vanilla-ery smell! I know it's a bit silly to pay another £11 for but I'm soo in love with MAC right now that I try not to pay attention to how much I'm paying for their products! xx

Beautiful You Beauty Blog said...

wow, what a great match. Tomorrow I'm off to get my own! Thanks hun you're a star :) x

powder paint n pout! said...

Wow you cant even see the difference they are practically identical! Great find. Harriet xx

ForeverSweet89 said...

They look practically the same on looks! x

Kate said...

Got to agree with your Rachel! The smell is to die for!
Thanks Dolls! Its definitely too good a find to not share!xx

Marcy said...

I love these colors!!


R. said...

They're pretty much identical ! Very pretty colours :)

check out my blog :)


monchinee said...

I LOVE THIS COLOUR!!! its so girly!!
i might go out and get this!!


Lilmizzpretty24 said...

tried to find this lipstick. but guess they don't sell it in the US.. :(

Amy said...

This is wonderful! I may just have to go and pop to Boots tomorrow to see if they have it!

Great post :)

Amy x

Jose said...

I live in the us where can I buy this online and if not would you be willing to go get it for me and I pay you?


That's an amazing cheap option to the MAC one!!!! Love it! Thanks for sharing <3

I recently got MAC Viva Glam Nicki Lipstick!!! Have a look at my post if you like it!!! <3